The Best Way to Clean a Shower Door

The Best Way to Clean a Shower Door

You shower door is one of the highlights of your bathroom because this is one of the very first thing that people will see while entering the room. Although not all bathrooms has a shower spot, but if you have it, make sure that it is clean. Having a spotless bathroom door is quite a challenge because it is always wet. The best way to clean a shower door is to have the knowledge of a certain product that can remove the dirt.

Put a stop on the diseases

It is quite normal for wanted substance to form on your shower doors. But what is unlikely is to just leave these kind things hanging around the room. It’s disgusting and unhealthy, especially if you have kids in the house. Preventing diseases is always better than curing one.

Some useful tips

The purpose of a shower door is to prevent water leakage. This is the one that blocks the water from spraying all over the bathroom area. However, this doesn’t prevent water from leaving some microorganism all over the bathroom door. Removal of water substance can be tough and detecting it can also be tricky. But this should not be a problem because there are a lot of available cleaning merchandises that you can use. The best way to clean a bathroom door with this type of dirt is by using CLR. This is a strong cleaning agent that can be sprayed directly on the problem area then just wipe it with a clean cloth and that’s it.

Mold is also one of the most common problems that may grow on your bathroom door. But the good news is that this is also one of the easiest things to remove. You don’t have to go to the store looking for a specific cleaning product. You can just mix up a combination of bleach and water to be sprayed on the mold. Next thing is just to wipe it with a cloth and you’re done. Using clean cloth on smooth surface is the best way to clean a bathroom door.

Cleaning the frame of the shower door is the most challenging task. This has areas that are difficult to reach; specifically the shower door track. But that should not hinder you on making your door spic and span. Many cleaning techniques have been invented in solving this type of difficulty.

The one method that is most effective is by using a solution that contains bleach. What you need to do is to sprits the solution on the entire frame. Do not forget to soak the track with the same solution but with a greater amount. Leave it drenched for just a few minutes, depending on how ‘hard’ the dirt is. Use your good judgment on how long the solution needs to be able to soften the grime.

Once you have decided that you can now easily scrub the dirt then go ahead and fire away. You can use a brush to easily remove the dirt. Do it on one side first then do the other. Finally, you can now rub the remaining substance with a moist piece of fabric and finish it with a dry one. Keep in mind that the best way to clean a bathroom door is by being patient. If you have to repeat the entire processes then do so.

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