Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Tempered Glass Shower Doors

The shower door can be one of the key design features of your bathroom and your choice of the shower door says a great deal about you and your tastes, choosing  tempered glass shower doors shows that you have taste and are prepared to pay for it. You may not have been aware of shower door material changes in recent years but things have come on technically since the 1970’s and 80’s. In case you are wondering, glass shower doors have not been immune to improvement.

What is tempered glass exactly?

It is mainly the makes and models of glass shower doors that have changed radically in the past 30 years. New manufacturers have looked to use new materials to

break into the market dominated by their traditional competitors, tempered glass shower doors have been one of the main arms they have used to do this. Tempered glass is manufacturer by using a special heating treatment, tempered glass has for years been used for automobile windscreens to provide strength and low risk of injury. As the glass for the tempered glass shower doors is removed from the furnace an addition heating system is used to strengthen the finished product. This heat treatment has an amazing effect on the strength of the glass that has now been tempered.  In most cases, tempered glass is 400% stronger than ordinary glass and tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 300®F.

This is why tempered glass shower doors are such a good idea, the risk of the glass suddenly cracking or shattering are practically reduced to zero, so the risk of physical injury, even serious bodily harm, is at its lowest. Tempered glass doors for showers come in various grades of strength. As you are shopping around deciding which ones to go for, check the quality of the glass manufactured to ensure you get the right deal.

How much could you pay?

It really depends on the style and additional fittings you want to add to your tempered glass shower doors, if you are looking for an economy pair of doors you should budget about CAD $270, however if you decide to go for a higher specification pair of doors you would be looking at spending CAD $700  or more.  Fogged glass shower doors look great and have a special effect in enhancing the overall look of your bathroom. Fogged glass costs more to produce so you will need to expect to pay more, but it is a good idea to shop around as you may find a good deal.

If you have already decided to pay more for your tempered glass shower doors it makes sense to not scrimp and save on the fittings. Many users go so far as to fit gold plate handles and corner fittings on the frame. Maybe this is too ostentatious for you, or would clash with your current bathroom fittings, using chrome fittings as an alternative is a good idea as chrome blends nicely with many other colors. A good option is to look to acquire a bathroom storage cabinet with tempered glass doors and matching handles, it will set off the shower doors perfectly.

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