Steam Shower Doors

Steam Shower Doors

Steam baths can be a much appreciated addition to your bathroom, changing your tired old shower into a steam shower with steam shower doors. This can be the first of several steps to creating your very own spa and the magnificent benefits that can accompany it. But is your standard shower ready to become a steam room simply by the installation of steam shower doors and a steam generator? The key point in this conversion is good quality steam shower doors. Of course you’ll need some finishing touches to make that old powder room seem like a spa, but that’s further down the road. No sense in getting ahead of ourselves just yet; but a truly relaxing, peaceful and serene atmosphere is achievable with just a few added extras.

No, your old fashioned sliding shower door isn’t a steam shower door

Realistically the majority of basic showers just can’t confine the steam inside during bathing – they do, in fact, allow just the opposite. They let precious vapor out into the entire room; steaming up windows and mirrors. Baths without steam shower doors are designed with open sides and tops guarded by a sliding shower door or flimsy plastic curtain; neither of which really seals anything. What that means for you is; your ‘steam bath’ really isn’t. All of that luscious steam is drifting and dissipating out to the bathroom. Steam shower doors are not just a matter of trapping team inside for a nice steam bath; they can actually serve as a preventative maintenance tool! Without the use of steam shower doors steam can be responsible for relatively serious structural and cosmetic problems after continually escaping from your bath or shower stall. This can result in damage to ceilings, walls, and various elements that are structural in nature. Equally as disgusting, the lack of steam shower doors can encourage mold. And who needs that?

What’s wrong with adding a little class?

Homeowners wishing to improve their bathroom by adding a touch of luxury can (with the first step of adding steam shower doors) convert their existing tub or shower into a steam shower. Premium quality doors will ensure a tight seal; thereby trapping all that steam in the enclosure, so that it can provide some true health benefits. Steaming has been proven to relieve muscle pain, reduce stress, and help you to feel better and healthier. Some doctors have even started recommending that steam shower doors and steam baths be installed in their patient’s homes. Patients with problems such as anxiety and other ailments related to stress have greatly benefitted from the use of steam treatments.

And down the line, adding steam shower doors can be a smart choice for any homeowner who wants to add value to their home. This could make a difference when selling for applying for a home equity loan. Set aside a little time to investigate your options, and remember to only use a good quality pair steam shower doors. Sit down with a friend, partner or a loved one and look at some of your options, both offline and online.

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