Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors

When I was young, sliding shower doors were something that only our well to do friends had in their bathrooms. Nowadays they’re relatively standard but exhibit improved design, quality and engineering. Use to be that sliding shower doors were sometimes more of a nuisance than a luxury. These days, thanks to technology and science, the materials used in sliding shower doors and enclosures have the power to resist water spotting and soap scum. The track for sliding shower doors can even be eliminated by the installation of a hinged, swinging shower door.


Sliding shower door designs

Sliding shower doors made of glass have come a long way. Not only are they spot free and soap scum resistant, as just mentioned, but the glass itself comes in many styles, textures and designs. Frosted glass is now available in almost completely see through or frosted to the point that only light can be detected through the glass (with many stops in between). Designs can be etched or sandblasted into your sliding shower door glass giving it a touch of elegance. Additionally, the design can possibly tie in with the designs on your bathroom mirror, wallpaper or bathroom accessories. Sliding doors can be semi seamless (though hinged swinging doors can be more so) and what framework is used will be solid brass with either a gold, silver or bronze finish (tracks are stainless steel). The hardware on your sliding shower doors can be correlated with the style of your other bathroom fixtures for nice flow to your new bathroom décor design.

Why sliding shower doors?

Aren’t you tired of that moldy, soap scummy, torn, ancient plastic shower curtain? Well the people who visit your bathroom are. It’s time to step into the millennium and do something about that tired old room you call a bathroom. With sliding shower doors, you can take that first step toward luxury and elegance. And sliding shower doors provide just enough privacy to be worth the effort of installing them. How private is a drawn curtain compared to an enclosure? There’s really no comparison.

So many choices, so few bathrooms

When you think of a sliding shower door a pretty distinct picture probably comes to mind. But today’s sliding shower doors come in as many styles and designs as the mind can possibly produce. Unless your bathroom is one of those little cramped spaces in which you need to utilize every available free space, reversible sliding shower doors can be installed so that’s you can enter and exit through either side. In cramped little spaces like the one just described, clear glass sliding shower doors can open the room to give it a more spacious feel and look. Imagine seemingly increasing the size of your bathroom without having to knock out a wall. Today’s sliding shower doors even have an anti splash threshold to help you avoid giving your entire bathroom a shower when you’re taking one. Because really, who needs that? And an oversized handle is available for sliding shower doors which makes it easy to find in the case of a hurried exit, with soap still in your tightly closed eyes and hair hanging down in your face.

One never does know, after all.

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