Shower Doors Hardware

Shower Doors Hardware

If you are thinking about installing a new shower or even just a shower door then you may also think about the shower doors hardware to go with it. Showers are turning into a very popular way of modernizing and upgrading a home and there are so many options available to enhance your bathroom. These range from full frameless shower doors to designer accessories. Shower doors hardware need not be boring again!

Your shower door

When fitting or having a new shower door installed, your thoughts may not immediately turn to shower doors hardware, but it can mean the difference between showing your shower off to its best advantage or the shower just being a means to an end. The modern way is to accessorize everything, and showers are no exception. There are so many choices of color and materials that anything you think of can be found. Shower doors hardware can cover anything from hinges to door handles and closing mechanisms.

Shower door hinges

To affix the shower to the wall there are a variety of shaped hinges that will do the job. You may choose flat or beveled hinges and the color can be plain silver to gold or white. In fact some companies specialize in colored hinges to match the rest of your bathroom accessories. This is a great idea until you change your bathroom and you have a nice green hinge that needs replacing. Some shower doors are heavy so choose your shower doors hardware with care

Shower door latches, closers and clamps

Choosing a nice modern latch or closer for your new shower doors hardware is easy. These come in usually silver or gold and are chrome, gold colored or other colors to suit your bathroom. The clamps for your shower door can also match the other shower doors hardware that you choose.

Depending on the type of shower you are installing you may also need a door lock. Obviously this is not important if your bathroom is a family bathroom that has a lock on the door. However, there may be a need to fit a lock onto the shower door if privacy is an issue. These locks are generally silver, gold or plain and they can match the rest of your shower doors hardware. So whether you have sliding doors or fixed doors you will be able to find something that is just right for you.

You will also need to choose a seal for the shower door. There are quite a variety of these too and so you will need to sort out your needs before buying the item. It is always best to research your shower doors hardware at the same time you are deciding to fit your new shower door. This will ensure that you can get everything you need all at once. There is nothing worse than deciding on something and then not being able to obtain it or having to wait for it as it is out of stock. Forward planning is the best way to ensuring your new shower door installation goes without a hitch.


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