Shower Doors For Bathtubs

Shower Doors For Bathtubs

When remodeling or building a new bathroom, an easy and different way to enhance the entire bathroom area is to install new shower doors.  Shower doors for bathtubs are a solid panel normally of glass that separates the shower area with the bathtubs, or the rest of the bathroom area and keeps it dry. Below are some tips to keep in mind when searching for shower doors for bathtubs, thus ensuring that you are getting the best quality doors to keep up with your home décor.

Space of the bathroom

This is the most important aspect to consider when installing new shower doors for bathtubs. The space occupied by the bathtub is determines the size and style to

incorporate when installing a new shower door for your bathtub. This space will assist you decide which type of a shower door will fit best. If you can’t be able to measure the space yourself, engage the help of a professional to do it for you.

Type of the shower doors for bathtubs required

Apart from the custom built models, there are three main types of shower doors for bathtubs to choose from. These are the swinging doors, bi-fold doors and the sliding doors. Sliding doors are two or three separate panels that push past each other on a rail to open the bathtubs area. They are very good for bathtubs as they need only width to operate. However, they don’t work very well for narrow bathroom stalls as the opening won’t isn’t big enough.

Swinging doors on the other hand can either be double or the single door variety and rather takes too much space to operate in. Nevertheless, they work both on shower and bathtub stalls, though you need to have a lot of space in front for them to swing in and out correctly.

Bi fold shower doors for bathtubs wok best in narrow spaces. They operate on an accordion principle, whereby they fold into the shower as push or pull the door to one side.

Frameless and framed shower doors for bathtubs

After the essential component of space has been figured out, now you can move on to more aesthetic considerations.  For instance mostly, glass shower doors for bathtubs come either framed or frameless. Either of these of doors are very strong and don’t break easily as glass is actually at its strongest on its edges.

The finishing of the shower doors for bathtubs

It is recommended to choose your glass based on your modesty, decorating style, cleaning style, in that order, though can be changed according to the buyer’s requirements. Normally, glass doors can be completely transparent, clouded or etched. The transparent shower doors for bathtubs get fogged up during the shower time. Due to this, there are different levels of opacity that can be achieved through etching and clouding and that makes your doors sufficiently modest.

What’s the budget?

Once you have figured out the practicalities and the optimal look for your shower doors for bathtubs has been decided, it is time to figure out your budget necessities. The larger your budget, the more options you get, while if your budget is small, the hunting and searching becomes harder, though at the end you will surely get something that fits in within your particular budget.

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