Shower Door FAQs

Shower Door FAQs

When considering investing in a new shower there are some points to think about. For example do you want to remove a bath and replace it with a shower? Or are you thinking about putting in a new shower unit? Perhaps you just want to replace a shower door and for that you may need to read through some shower door FAQs.

Your shower door

So the decision has been made to replace your shower door. What will you replace it with? Some people still favor shower curtains, which you can get in many different colors, fabrics and designs. However, there is a lot to be said for a good shower door. There are a variety of nice heavy glass

shower doors available. In fact there are different types of glass too so you may need to consider what you are looking for. Many shower door FAQs will enlighten you on this and you should certainly get ideas from these FAQs before deciding what to install. Some shower doors are etched with an elegant design; others are plain or opaque glass. In fact some shower doors are self cleaning and have a coating that prevents water calcium from building up on them. These are more expensive than traditional shower doors but if you budget for them you will save yourself lots of time in cleaning. Some people prefer lightweight shower doors and will turn to Plexiglas as an alternative. Plexiglas is plastic rather than glass and is easy to fit and comes in a variety of colors.

Make sure it fits

One of the many important points that shower door FAQs reiterate is to ensure you measure the shower door aperture correctly to ensure your new shower door fits correctly. This may sound like common sense but if the measurement is out even by ¼ inch there could be major problems. It should not bang into anything and should be stable ensuring the water remains inside and not seeping out into the bathroom when in use. This requires a good seal. If in any doubt consult a professional and allow them to install it for you.

Frameless shower doors

A modern approach to showering is the frameless shower doors. Looking elegant and definitely moderns, frameless shower doors allow a more spacious feeling when in the shower. Frameless shower doors are made from toughened safety glass and are extremely thick. If they break, which happens only rarely, they will shatter into tiny pieces that are rounded at the edges so nothing sharp to hurt anyone. Shower door FAQs about frameless showers usually demonstrate that they are more hygienic than traditional shower doors as there are no little nooks or crannies for mildew to form.

Looking through a variety of shower door FAQs will ensure you are up to date with your knowledge and installation techniques before you commit to buying your new shower door. If you plan on installing a heavy glass shower door then you may need some assistance. So do be sure to include this in your consideration and budget.



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