Self Cleaning Shower Doors

Self Cleaning Shower Doors

Showers have become an integral part of life and we all love a good shower. It has to be said that some people prefer a bath but as you know, a shower is quick and very popular for morning and evenings. Many take a shower at least once a day, some twice. So as you can imagine there is quite a bit of cleaning required. That is where the self cleaning shower doors really help.

Cleaning the shower door

As water contains chemicals that create a scum or layer on the surface it touches, shower doors for example. Over time, this builds up. Once the water interacts with soap or shower gel then this creates a different kind of product to

clean away. In fact, soap can create quite a mess if left unattended and not cleaned away. Therefore, it is important to clean the surface of the shower, shower doors and walls regularly to prevent discoloration and damage. There is nothing worse than using a grimy shower or having to clean the shower before use. There are many cleaners you can buy from the store that will deal with these issues, or you can even use the old popular remedy of vinegar. However, spending your time every day cleaning the huge shower doors and walls can take its toll. Thankfully there is a better solution. In fact, there is more than one!

Self cleaning is a form of automation in itself

There are self cleaning shower doors available that are coated with a special water retardant chemical that forces the water and other substances away. This ensures they automatically do not stick to the surface causing scum that needs to be to be cleaned away. The doors are left grime resistant and clean. As you might expect self cleaning shower doors are expensive to buy and fit but it is a set and forget system once installed. Never have to worry again about grubby or dirty shower doors. This kind of technology has been around for a while on exterior windows and it was only a matter of time before the technology was introduced to showers.


There is a cheaper alternative to the expensive self cleaning shower doors, and that is to spray it with a specially designed spray. You would have to ensure that the surfaces to be applied are all clean and dust free and dry. The spray is easily bought and just as easy to apply. Once the surface has been sprayed then allow it to dry, which happens very quickly and polish or buff the surface. You will then need to rinse the surface once again and dry with a towel or material that has not been washed or rinsed with fabric conditioner. Thereafter, the shower water will simply run down the self cleaning shower doors and your work will be done. Enjoy a shower each and every day without following it up with a cleaning schedule. When using any kind of spray or aerosol, it is advisable to ensure there is adequate ventilation so open the bathroom window.

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