Seamless Shower Doors

Seamless Shower Doors

Seamless shower doors are the latest and most trendy choice for bathroom décor remodeling. Present trends in home sales place a great deal of emphasis on the ‘powder room’, both in terms of luring buyers and increasing the sale price. Homeowners thinking about increasing the value of their homes or possibly even selling are placing a lot of importance on what goes into the bathroom. Decorators know that pedestal sinks and bidets are nice, but shiny seamless shower doors and enclosures with coordinated fixtures can be the major focal point of any stylish bathroom. Disposing of the old fashioned framed doors in exchange for the openness of a seamless shower door and enclosure is a bathroom enhancement of mammoth proportion.

It’s your choice

There are several styles of seamless shower doors to choose from. One style is made up of just the seamless shower door, installed to swing out right or left. The next step up is the seamless shower door plus one side panel. Again, it matters not which side of the door the panel is on. This style can be used on a walk in shower or a tub. The third ‘Euro’ swing seamless shower door is even one step closer to an actual enclosure than the last style. This 3rd style consists of not only the seamless shower door and one side panel but yet another side panel to boot. The true beauty of this arrangement is that it can adapt itself to a step in shower with full length panels or a tub with partial length panels; or a combination of both! The uniqueness of this look is a stunning accent to any style bathroom decor. These styles can be adjusted to fit corners and partial walls as well as practically any combination of circumstances one could imagine.

Seamless shower doors or screens?

In addition to seamless shower doors, there is something referred to as moveable shower screens. These moveable screens hinge off of a wall or a fixed panel.

Straight or slightly askew?

Seamless door panels can be at right angles to the door or walls; or can be placed at an angle for a more unique appearance. These are a must have for bathrooms having a neo-angled tub.

Where to find them?

Shower Door of Canada Products, Sears, Shodor Industries (biggest producers of bath and shower doors and enclosures in Western Canada), Delta Glass Frameless Door Manufacturers of Canada, C. R. Laurence Co. Canada and other Canadian locations are found online. Many of today’s manufacturers still understand the importance of ‘walk-in showrooms’ for things like seamless shower doors and enclosures. People still like tangible examples every now and then.

Today’s modernization of an old idea doesn’t stop with the concept of the seamless shower door. The resources used in the manufacture of the new styles join just the right combination of new age materials to provide a spot free finish to all glass shower doors and enclosures. What would your mother say about that?

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