Round Shower Doors

Round Shower Doors

Round shower doors make for a more unusual eye catching addition to your bathroom. Round shower doors originally started to appear in luxury 5 star hotels and the idea rapidly caught on for use in the home environment. Round shower doors can be fitted to either a corner shower unit or a unit that is fixed just to a backing wall. In the latter configuration you have the option of either deciding to fit sliding or pivot doors. This is also possible with a corner mounted unit however you need to check that the dimensions are sufficient to allow the round shower doors to open sufficiently.


To frame or not to frame

It is quite practical to install a ¼” thick glass round shower where there is no frame for the round shower doors which open with a strong transparent pair of hinges. Such a shower is the last word in the most modern minimalist design while such a tempered glass only shower will look good in a corner setting. It really makes a high impact when standing against a single wall. Look out for the best European inspired designs and ensure the shower you select is made of the highest quality glass. You will want your shower once installed to give off the air of luxury and delight to all of your visitors who see it.

All glass round shower doors have a number of advantages. As there is no metal frame, there are fewer crevices for dirt and soap residue to lodge, cleaning is therefore much easier and the standard of hygiene will be maintained at a higher level. However should you live in an area where water is harder and you don’t have a filtration system, you may consider that you may need to clean the glass more often. There are a number of attractive metal framed round shower door designs these are particularly sturdy, the combination of stainless steel or shiny chrome and sparking glass can be particularly effective. You may decide to choose either plain glass or frosted glass; perhaps a combination of the two would be very pleasing to the eye.

Keeping your round shower doors clean

Over time, ordinary glass can get marked and damaged, there can be various causes including soap, hard water and humidity. However in order to protect your round shower doors you can consider using ShowerGuard glass or a similar product. They way that this glass works is that apart from being made from tempered glass the glass is then treated during manufacturing with an ion beam system. The result of the application of this technique is that the glass is kept stain free and the surface can be kept extremely clean with just the minimum of maintenance.

Never use abrasive cleaning materials on your round shower doors as these can damage the surface of the glass. Instead, one of the most effective gentle action cleaners is white vinegar; spray that onto the glass doors. Leave the vinegar to sit for a few minute and then scrub off using paper towels for an excellent finish.

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