Rollers for Shower Doors

Rollers for Shower Doors

Rollers for shower doors are needed for all sliding shower doors, the roller system allows the doors to open and close easily and smoothly as they move across the shower entrance. In the past, the rollers for shower doors were normally supplied as a compulsory accessory already fitted when buying the shower doors. Nowadays it is possible to buy different rollers for shower doors from other manufacturers so that you can create a different look and feel to your bathroom and therefore set your design apart.


Preparing to add rollers to the shower doors 

The first thing you will need to attend to is to prepare the shower doors that you have ready to be able to be fitted as roller sliding shower doors. You can actually take conventional swing shower doors and modify them for this purpose. Take measurements and check closely that your choice of shower door will fit the threshold of the shower, this is important to make sure that water will not leak into the bathroom. Secondly, test the strength of the existing rollers for shower doors already fitted, you can normally find out the maximum recommended weight loading from the manufacturer’s website. Once you are satisfied with the loading, turn to the doors and make sure they are clean of any dirt, debris or grease.

You will now need to attend to making the small diagonal slots that will be needed in the frame of each door, they should only be just large enough to a take a screw but no larger, the reason is to avoid the danger of water leakage onto naked metal in the frame and the subsequent problems with rust. Care of carefully marking the lots for the screws is really important so that they will fit the rollers for shower doors tightly and firmly. Now drill from inside to outside of the shower doors in a diagonal fashion, clear away any debris and you are ready to mount the shower doors.

Mounting the doors

In the rollers for shower doors kit you have purchased, you should be able to locate a pair of wheels that you will be able to fit at either end of the door; each wheel will come with a fixing screw. Put one of the screws inside the frame, hold it tightly with a pair of pliers and rotate the wheel so it effectively screws itself on. Now you will need to do an axis test, to do this you mount the door on the threshold wall and check for any vertical movement by moving it up and down. If the door moves too easily on its axis, it is probably not meeting the roller correctly, so you will need to make adjustments to the screw position. Keep modifying the settings and testing the movement until the movement is smooth but tight.

Completing the job

Now you are ready to complete the project and you can add the additional wheels tightening them as required to make sure the rollers for shower doors are functioning correctly. Now ensure the doors meet correctly in the middle so there is no gap. You can now clean down the work area, lubricate the rollers and the project is completed!


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