Rimless Shower Doors

Rimless Shower Doors

Don’t be fooled, don’t be scared; the term ‘rimless shower doors’ is simply another way of stating frameless shower doors. They are the new-age, image conscious line of bathroom décor sweeping the nations of the world. Of course there are still the old fashioned, seems like just yesterday, metal frame shower doors; and those now come in a ridiculous variety of glass styles and frame finishes. There are even semi frameless (rimless) shower doors and enclosures, for those of you that just can’t seem to decide between the two.


Styles and designs

There are so many styles, designs, finishes and tinted or non-tinted textures that there may be a whole new line of bathroom décor innovations by the time you can make up your mind about these rimless shower doors and enclosures. There’s even a set of double rimless shower doors reminiscent of the old saloon doors from the wild, wild west days (except that instead of beat up old wood; there’s sparkling, luxurious glass with gold finished handles).

Some assembly required

The entire process of installation should take no more than 48 hours in total. It will take you longer than that just to pick out the handles, hinges and hardware that will go along with your rimless shower doors and possible enclosure. You think that’s an exaggeration? There are pull knobs, pull handles, towel bars, grab bars, clips, clamps, U channels, seals, sweeps and hinges. Confused yet? Don’t be. Some of those are just fancy names given to basic hardware needs for rimless shower doors. Glass thickness ranges from ½ inch down to a thinner but equally sturdy ¼ inch. The solid brass knobs and handles, for instance, adapt to both thicknesses and come in quite the variety of colors and finishes. Towel and grab bars are even designed with ‘stops’ to prevent your rimless glass doors from damage in the case of being inadvertently flung open.

The sky’s the limit

The possibilities for your new rimless shower doors and enclosure are endless; limited only by your imagination. Here’s one for those of you that work out every day and are extremely proud of the body you’ve sculpted. Ready for this? A rimless shower enclosure and doors with the back wall comprised of nothing but mirrored glass. Now some may not be crazy about being subjected to that view every time they shower, but this design is absolutely incredible to behold. Utterly stunning!

As always, be sure that you do your homework when it comes to your choice of rimless shower door installers and manufacturers. Bad manufacturing or sloppy installation will turn your dream come true bathroom into a nightmare. And who needs that? It pays to spend what you need to get the best product out there and the most reliable installers you can find. A cheap price resulting in shoddy work will cost more in the long run, when you’d have been better off spending just a wee bit more for quality when it comes to rimless shower doors and enclosures.


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