Plastic Shower Doors

Plastic Shower Doors

Plastic shower doors are a great way of having a neat solution to avoid water leakage at an economic price. However, they do require careful maintenance and cleaning and sometimes don’t really look very interesting. From time to time, you may also need to buy replacement parts as plastic shower doors are obviously not as strong as metal glass combination alternatives. All of these points can be addressed with some practical advice and useful tips.

Types of plastic shower doors

One of the most popular design for plastic shower doors are the roll round shower doors, these are particularly suitable when space in the bathroom is limited, however these types of shower doors can be quite a handful when it is time to clean them. Another increasingly

popular design is the bi folding plastic shower doors that have the same space saving advantages as the roll away version but have a far more simple mechanism for opening and closing and are easier to clean. You also need to consider for a moment if you prefer to opt for frameless plastic shower doors or those with a frame, therefore being of an overall stronger construction.

Plastic or glass?

Plastic shower doors have three great advantages over glass shower doors, these are their weight, cost and their safety features. Naturally, plastic shower doors weigh a fraction of the glass shower doors, this gives the advantage that the plastic shower door supporting frame can be far more light weight and easier to fit. Being made of plastic, the shower doors are considerably cheaper than glass doors and the transport costs – if you want to buy the plastic shower doors from a remote supplier – will be greatly reduced.

One of the other big advantages is that plastic shower doors are very unlikely to cause you injury should you skid and fall into them. In many respects, they are stronger than glass as they are more flexible. You should pay particular attention to this point if the bathroom will be used by the little ones or older people who are less steady on their feet.

Getting the best look and feel

One handy trick to brighten up your plastic shower doors is to have a curtain or drape that can be pulled across the plastic doors either when in use or when the shower is empty. In this way you have complete freedom of choice of the colors and design and it can complement your bathroom curtains to give a fine matching feel, so no one will notice your plastic shower doors.

Cleaning the plastic shower doors is vitally important, not only for hygiene reasons but also to make the plastic shower doors look as good as the day they were originally bought. Never use abrasive cleaners on plastic shower doors as they will end up being damaged. The effective alternative is to use white vinegar, it really does work. The method to adopt is to fill a spray bottle with vinegar, spray the doors, paying particular attention to any build ups of lime scale and let the vinegar sit for a few minutes. Next take some paper towels, dip them in baking soda and get scrubbing. It will take a little while but the effect will be great and no damage will have occurred.

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