Parts For Shower Doors

Parts For Shower Doors

The growth of the internet has meant that it has never been easier to find parts for shower doors. You can look for the parts you need by checking by the name of the manufacturer of the shower doors you own, or by checking a general accessory supplier. It is possible to compare prices, check out user ratings and reviews of the supplier you are considering and then decide to purchase what you need. Shower door parts fall into a number of categories, over time you may need to replace a worn or broken part, at which point you need to decide whether you can substitute the parts for the shower doors, or if you would prefer to call in professional assistance to fit your parts for shower doors.

Shower doors are usually made from glass or plastic, glass is more hardwearing, however it does make sense to replace standard glass doors with tempered glass as this is a far safer option. Typically the shower doors will be either clear or frosted glass or, perhaps, a mix of both.


The rollers are a key component in the mechanism of the shower doors, the best designed and manufactured rollers will give smooth non friction movement and will allow the shower doors to be opened or closed with the minimum of effort. When selecting replacement rollers you can have some flexibility on the diameter of the rollers you wish to buy as a replacement, however going for larger rollers does not mean that you will necessarily get a smoother operating mechanism.

Bumpers and guides

Bumpers together with guides ensure that the shower doors faithfully follow the right tracks when opening and closing. The shower doors slide across them and they therefore make the general wear and tear on the shower doors and shower door handles as minimal as possible. Typically shower door guides and bumpers are made of vinyl or polymer; both are water resistant and easy to clean. Should you notice any damage to your bumpers or guides consider immediate replacement, if you cannot make an effective repair, because the damage can cause friction and may result in the rollers or shower door handle being damaged or even broken.

Catches or closures

As the names suggest, catches or closures are designed to hold the shower doors firmly in place. Standard closures will be supplied in stainless steel and there is the added option for a magnetic fitting to strengthen the hold even more. You may want to check out additional options for the catches for your shower doors and the parts for showers reseller can offer you a range of catches in different colors, or shiny chrome finish or perhaps in a stylish gold design. If you have bi folding shower doors, it is a good idea to have a suitable set of catches when they are in the folded back setting.

General spare parts

Most good spare parts for shower doors suppliers will have a catalog of additional accessories that you may be interested in. These can range from the mundane such as towel holders to the exotic, for example a small flower holder. The most practical accessories are the various fitting to fix the shower doors into place when you are using a shower bath tub combination.

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