Pacific Shower Doors

Pacific Shower Doors

It is really chic and elegant to have glass shower doors. They add an aesthetic outlook to the bathroom and enhance the value of your home. Pacific shower doors are designed to give a touch of class to the bathroom. Pacific shower doors have been offering their customers high quality shower doors from 1954 and have been an elite member of the Better Business Bureau for over a decade. No sooner you see any corrosion or rust on the metal part of your door or there is a discoloration or crack in the glass, then it is time to fit in new Pacific shower doors.

A name to trust

If your shower doors do not close properly or you need to mop up after every shower, then it is prudent to switch to Pacific shower doors. When you are remodeling your bathroom or on the verge of constructing a

brand new customized bathroom, just go for Pacific shower doors and save yourself any headaches in the future. There is a variety of excellent Pacific shower doors to choose from. To get exact measurements, you need to finish the tiling of the walls of the bathroom with tiles or marbles before you choose the best suited Pacific shower doors for your bathroom.

Types of Pacific shower doors

There are basically three categories of Pacific shower doors, framed, semi-framed and 10mm frameless. The 10mm frameless variety is the most expensive and though not water tight, it is the popular choice among Pacific shower doors by the interior designers and decorators. The other two categories include much more aluminum material, use lighter glass and take nearly half the time for installation and cost less than 60% of the 10m frameless. Of all the three categories of Pacific shower doors, the framed ones are the most water tight and durable. These types of Pacific shower doors are the ideal option for frequent usage where there is a chance for the occurrence of high wear and tear on the door. Whereas the semi-frameless types of Pacific shower doors have no frame at the top or the handle while the other sides are framed.

The framed Pacific shower doors are the traditional models which consist of aluminum frames around the glass. While the frameless model of Pacific shower doors give a contemporary look of openness since the amount of framework is minimum around the glass. Both these categories of Pacific shower doors provide identical level of stability and safety, and hence, the selection depends much upon individual choice and taste and not necessary on the intrinsic qualities of these Pacific shower doors. These frameless Pacific shower doors come in ½” and 3/8” glass for the shower doors.

Look and practicality in one great brand

While deciding the best choice of glass doors for your shower, it is the resultant outlook which forms the main foundation for your decision, and more specifically if you are designing and constructing an ensuite bathroom. Not only will your personal preferences will play a significant part in deciding the exact choice of Pacific shower doors but you would also be proud to show off your choice. All the Pacific shower doors are aesthetically appealing as well as practically sound to use.


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