Neo Shower Doors

Neo Shower Doors

The uniquely shaped neo shower door employs glass panels, in combination with mitered corners to form the front section of a shower. The resultant shape resembles one quarter of an octagon. To form a neo shower doors’ enclosure, at least two side panels and one door panel are required. Adding extra glass panels allows you to create a more intricate shower shape as well as adding items such as a bench in your neo shower doors’ stall.

Types of showers that neo shower doors work best in

For neo shower doors to work, an existing corner shower should already have been installed, if not you need to find somebody to put a corner shower in your bathroom. A professional bathroom expert (if you will

be adding a corner shower) should be consulted. There are many factors to consider, such as your current plumbing placement before the installation work could commence. This will assist to determine whether or not a shower corner in your bathroom is even a possibility.

Basically, there is no rule of thumb as to the size of the bathroom to be fitted with the neo shower doors. In fact the shape of the neo shower door allows the placement of a shower in a very small bathroom. Neo shower doors can create a shower space in as little as three square feet. The conventional shower stalls normally need more floor space than this. Neo shower doors may be custom manufactured to fit into any dimension of a shower.

The cost of neo shower doors

Neo shower doors can offer a cost effective option when trying to fit into a difficult shower space. They are available either framed, minimum framed or frameless models. They create attractive contemporary shower enclosures whose prices are comparable to other numerous available shower doors. If you will be installing a new corner shower in combination with neo shower doors (a money saving tactic), it would be advisable to plan your shower stall at the same time you selected your neo shower doors. This will let you select a standard neo shower door rather than ordering a customized one. This will save you a lot of money which might be used to improve other areas of the bathroom.

Depending on the manufacturer, the hardware for neo shower doors is available in a variety of finishes to match all bathroom designs. Examples of hardware finish alternatives include anodized silver, polished silver, enamel finishes that come in various hues (black, beige, gray, and many others) and brass.

Glass styles

There are varying glass types to choose from for your neo shower doors. The majority of manufacturers offer numerous kinds of glass in the different models of glass neo shower doors, for example frosted, tinted, clear, and obscure. No matter the type of a glass you choose, it should be safety rated. If a safety rated glass happen to get broken, it will only shatter into multiple small pieces, like the way a windscreen of a car does. This will help protect you and your family members from being cut by the glass if it happens to get shattered.

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