Maax Shower Doors

Maax Shower Doors

Considering purchasing Maax shower doors? At Maax, they have entered what they term as an exciting, new phase in their growth, with the latest sale of their business to Tricap Partners Ltd; an exclusive equity account handled by Brookfield Asset Management. Maax says that the deal provides them with better financial flexibility and a more powerful balance sheet.

So what’s new?

As a “bath industry” leader, Maax states that their focus is on being your "brand of choice" for Maax shower doors because of new age materials, innovation in design, and improving their share in the shower door market. They boast a highly experienced team of professionals to assist you with your Maax shower door needs. Success is not a choice for them… it is a necessity. They say that they want nothing more than to join forces with their shoppers to make a winning lineup of players.

What’s the mission?

Maax’s mission is to be the manufacturer of choice when it comes to architects, builders, designers, contractors, remodelers, plumbers, homeowners and retailers for their Maax shower doors needs. They exclaim that they are the leading trendsetter through Maax shower doors and other Maax products, materials and design development they’re supported by operational superiority in materials and manufacturing. They provide top-quality execution in their services all the way through the shopping, delivery, purchasing and Maax shower door installation process. They vow to provide you with the best collection of distributors that are as dedicated to their clients’ happiness they are. The manufacturers of Maax shower doors have steadfast faith in their passionate and dedicated employees, and they constantly improve upon their professional advancement.

A promise is a promise

The maker of Maax shower doors pledge several promises on their web site. Through their utilization of strong products, strong teams of professionals and their outstanding customer care; Maax promises to:

  • Keep on manufacturing the uppermost quality Maax shower doors and the most groundbreaking bath decor in the industry.
  • Keep on launching fresh products to get well-being and design into your home.
  • Keep on investing in development, research and innovative, quality equipment.
  • Keep on providing the buyers of Maax shower doors (and other bathroom products) with ‘world class’ treatment.

This company is making Maax shower doors and other bathroom products that people not only need but want and feel comforted about. From the very start of the project such as the request for installation all the way up to maintaining and utilizing their products (and all the necessary steps along the way), Maax wants you to enjoy the experience of purchasing and utilizing your new Maax shower doors. They take pride in their commitment to designing unique high quality Maax shower doors and other bathroom products. Buying a set of Maax shower doors not only offers you the opportunity to invest in fine workmanship and creative technology  but helps them put their motto of facing their future with confidence and strength along with a firm commitment to personifying an outstanding business partner with which to work into its fruition.

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