Kinetik Shower Doors

Kinetik Shower Doors

Kinetik is a German inspired brand from Canadian company, Fleurco, whose headquarters is in Quebec. Kinetik shower doors are known for their excellent quality and they add an element of luxury to the bathroom with their award winning European inspired design. Every aspect of Kinetik shower doors has been studied in detail to ensure the finished product reaches the highest, uncompromising standards. An additional benefit is that Kinetik shower doors can be custom made to fit any shower’s size; this makes them firm favorites with bathroom designers and professional bathroom builders alike.


Key design features

Most quality shower doors come with a 3/8 inch thick tempered glass depth; Kinetik has taken this one stage further by delivering ½ inch thick shower doors as standard. You may be mistaken into thinking that this would make them heavy to handle once installed, you could not be more wrong. Thanks to the advanced German inspired minimalist design of the door runners, the doors can be opened and closed with just the push of a finger, poetry in motion you could say.

Kinetik shower doors are an ideal addition to your modern bathroom design. The key to the mechanism is the design of the latest technology shower rollers, working in harness each set of two rollers allow the smooth movement of up to 300 pounds of door weight, the best performance in its category , this is achieved  without bending or any friction. All of the supports for the Kinetik shower doors are supplied in high quality stainless steel and top performance polymer.

Superb look and feel

Having such a powerful support system of rollers and hinges allows the Kinetik shower doors to be produced from a single frame of glass. The result of this is that the Kinetik shower doors are practically invisible as there is no need for metal frames or supports, you may only notice that they are in front of you by spotting a stylish minimalist stainless steel handle. The rolling system is extremely smooth – thanks to the 3/7 inch rolling wheels and these are finished off in stainless steel or chrome plate. The Symmetry range of Kinetik shower doors move using an upper track that allows them to close tight. It needs to be understood that even when closed, the doors are not totally water tight. However as these are shower doors rather than fittings for a fish tank, that matter should be overlooked as irrelevant.

Where are they available?

It is easy to contact Fleurco to find your nearest dealer for Kinetik shower doors or you can complete the email information form that is found on the ‘contact’ web page. Kinetik shower doors are available through a chain of dealers across Canada and North America so you should have no problem finding an outlet close to where you live. If you need to have Kinetik shower doors manufactured to particular non standard door frame measurements, you are well advised to contact Fleurco directly. You can discuss your requirements with their sales department, decide on whether you would prefer clear or frosted glass and remember to check out the lead times too.

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