How to Install Shower Doors

How to Install Shower Doors

There are many guides on how to install shower doors and this short article will cover only a small area on that. If in any doubt, ensure you research it first or get help from a professional. Most people can fit a shower door themselves in an afternoon, even with little experience of these processes, but bear in mind you may need a little extra help hanging the door if it is heavy. Have all the equipment to hand before starting the job.

Measuring up

One of the most popular types of shower door to be replaced is a swing out door set on a hinge. The most important thing about how to install shower doors is getting the fixing right so no water seeps out. You will need to measure accurately where the shower doors are going. You will also need a base track to go between the shower walls so measure and cut this accurately too.

Adding the shower door

Most shower doors will come complete with rails and jambs so you will not need to worry about buying these separately. You will need to fix a jamb to the wall so that you can insert your shower doors. Marking the walls at the relevant points with a pencil will ensure this is correctly positioned. You will need to fix these into place with screws so a drill is required. Put a hinge rail in place with the door and make sure this is set plumb against the door jamb. You may need to reset or do this more than once to get it perfectly placed. If you have sliding doors then you will need to do the same on the opposite side.

Place the drip rail at the bottom of the door frame and ensure everything is screwed properly into place and seals are all correctly working. Ensure you have put sealant in the right place and do not seal up the weep holes for the shower. Also, do be aware that there are no sharp edges or screws sticking out. Make sure you get the right size screw or use the ones provided to you in the shower door kit. Cover them with a rubber top if necessary. If this is the first time you have tried to fit a shower door then it may take you some time so be sure you will not need the shower the same day just in case you are not finished in time. If you are wondering how to install shower doors that are angled, it basically follows the same kind of procedure.

Shower doors in a kit

Many companies will provide a kit with full instructions for fitting shower doors. Therefore, always check how to install shower doors with their instructions before starting. Do not assume you know how to do it, or you could find yourself in a bit of a pickle midway through the installation. This is, after all, a very simplistic guide on how to install shower doors and you may need something a little more in depth, particularly if you are a novice with these things.


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