How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

It is always necessary to know how to clean glass shower doors. There are usually slimy-looking impurities on glass shower doors which comprise of deposits of hard water, scum and mildew which are very hard to get rid of. In addition, these makes your glass shower doors look ugly and dirty. But if you regularly and periodically clean the glass shower door so that you do not allow any dirt and slimy stuff to accumulate. Otherwise the deposits of dirt will make it very difficult to clean these shower doors even if you know how to clean glass shower doors.



Before commencing, it is most advisable to understand how to clean glass shower doors because if you go about cleaning in a haphazard and wrong way, you may harm the doors or even break the glass. Also before starting to use the cleaning chemicals, it would be prudent to read their safety instructions and always follow the safety precautions since most of these cleaning chemicals are of toxic or acidic substances or phosphoric acid. Always keep these cleaners away from the reach of children.

There are traditional cleaners which can be used if you know how to clean glass shower doors. You can use vinegar, or oven or dishwashing detergent cleaners, bleach, simple lemon juice or even by rubbing alcohol for cleaning glass shower doors. The best hand tool is the plastic squeegee since it will not damage the glass. If you are aware of how to clean glass shower doors, then you should know that you need to have the glass doors dry, the bathroom well ventilated and that you should wear gloves to keep the chemicals away from your skin.

Testing the cleaning agent

Even if you are quite well experienced in how to clean glass shower doors, it would be prudent to first test the washing material at a corner of the glass door before you apply it to the entire glass door; just to see that it does work well on glass doors. Once you are sure that the chemical will not be damaging to your glass doors, then apply it to the whole glass shower doors and let it set for at least twenty minutes. Then scrub the surface of the glass doors with a non-abrasive, soft sponge or cloth which will not leave any scratches on the glass surface.

Let’s clean!

Rinse the glass shower doors with cold water so that stains are removed and the glass shower doors are cleaned. Then the use of a plastic squeegee will help remove any extra water and dry the glass shower doors. If per chance any soap scum still remains, then you can use a sharp razor blade to remove these persistent spots on the glass shower doors. Finally, you can use a dry cloth to wipe clean the glass shower doors. A thin layer of wax on these glass shower doors will help keep them clean from deposits of hard water, mildew and soap scum. A daily routine of swapping the glass shower doors will help keep them clean and you will find it very easy to clean them during your weekly round-up!


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