How do I Install Shower Doors

How do I Install Shower Doors

Bathrooms are an essential facility in any home and nowadays, folks don’t mind spending or investing in good bathroom accessories. This is because they want their bathrooms to look modern, elegant and stylish. The majority of bathrooms sport a combination of both the shower unit and the bath. Regardless of your bathroom’s style, it is imperative that when you take a shower without spraying the rest of the bathroom with water and making a mess of everything. It is of a paramount importance to install a good quality shower door that will prevent water from dribbling all over the bathroom.


Shower doors: Basics

Basically shower doors are made of solid panels of glass, metal, treated wood, or occasionally, plastic that shield your shower form the rest of the bathroom. Oftentimes, they come as sliding doors or swinging doors. Normally, the swinging doors are split at the center and are hinged at either side of the shower walls. Sliding doors on the other hand rest in tracks that extend along the top and the bottom of the shower. But how exactly do you install shower doors that can guarantee that there won’t be spillage of water to other areas of the bathroom? Well, analyzed below are some steps to follow.

Size does matter

First of all, you need to figure out the size of your shower doors before installation works could begin. In a normal case, you will be installing a standard size. However, there is an instance that you have chosen to install a larger bathtub, so the shower space becomes smaller. Consequently, you will be forced to seek shower doors of varying sizes to see which one fits in. However, before looking for these doors, measure your shower’s opening, then determine the size of your bathtub. It is noteworthy that bathtub’s doors are basically shorter than the shower door, so take that into account when buying your shower doors.

Shower doors: Rail

Secondly, you will be installing the rail as there will be a track on the ceiling as well as the base of the shower. These are supposed to be installed as per instructions and while you are at it, note you will also be installing side tracks as well. Though normally side rails aren’t needed for normal shower operations, they keep the sides of the tub from being beat up.

Hanging the shower doors

Once you have gotten everything as per the shower door’s instructions that came it, then now you need to hang the doors. This should be done as per the instructions also to ensure that once hanged they operate smoothly. The hang doors should be in a position to slide back and forth effortlessly. If the shower doors have been hung correctly, you will then proceed to put a layer of silicone all round the track corners. This prevents water from dribbling all over the place when taking your shower. It also checks the growth of bacteria in areas that can’t be reached when cleaning.

In a nutshell, the move to install a shower door is a great one, though before you start on it, you need to talk further to the retailer you are buying from to ensure you buy a door that fits in with your unique shower’s requirements. Furthermore, read the installation instructions that come with your unique shower door, as every door may be quite different when being installed. Having done so, I wish you a happy showering experience!

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