Hinges for Shower Doors

Hinges for Shower Doors

Hinges for shower doors are one of the most vital part of a bathroom’s door installation process, yet most of us take them for granted. If these hinges go missing, then opening and closing our shower’s door become problematic. Hinges for showers are mostly invisible though out our lifetime, though if they go missing the mere act of going to the bathroom or the shower enclosure becomes almost impossible. Opening and closing of a door should not be a painstaking task, rather should be easy and effortless. Hinges for shower doors are available in a variety of types, styles, shapes and brand names and choosing the correct one for your shower opening or bathroom can be quite confusing.

Tips for choosing the right hinges for shower doors

First of all, narrow down the hinges selection, and go for the one that suits your shower’s hinging requirements. For example you may narrow them down by size, weight, the shape or design and the materials used to make the shower’s door and that you will be working with, you also need to decide if the hinge required will be light, small, large or durable.

Secondly, you will need to consider if the hinges are to be reversible (meaning that they can be moved either way); some can be mounted upwards while others are made for either left-handed door or a right handed one. A perfect example of this is the loose- pin hinge. This hinge can be used for hanging any type of a shower’s door; its pin can be removed from the top, therefore is not reversible.

The best way to tell if you need a left-hand hinge or a right one is by checking from the outside of the shower door. Typically, if the door opens from you in the direction of your right-hand side, then you require a right-hand hinge. If it opens from you to your left hand side, then you need to use a left- hand hinges.

Before installing the hinges for shower doors, you may want to consider how much of the hinge’s hardware you want to be showing when the door is closed. If the hinge is showing when your shower’s door is closed, should it be decorative or simply functional? If you prefer hidden hinges, then will this affect the ease of regular use? Once you have considered these considerations, then it is time to shop around for the appropriate hinges for shower doors.

Some popular hinges for shower doors

  • Butt hinges: They come in two ways; rigid pin and loose pin style. They are very suited for shower doors.
  • Butterfly hinges: They are the most popular for use with shower doors as they are very light and come in a variety of shapes and patterns and are very easy to fit in.
  • Double acting hinge: Used with folding shower doors.

All in all, those are just but a few, there are too many to analyze them all here.  Your choice of hinges for shower doors will be determined by whether you are looking for functionality only or for aesthetic look in combination with functionality.

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