Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged Shower Doors

When people undertake renovation of their homes, the bathroom needs special attention. When you decide to purchase bathroom shower doors, you can make it into a fun filled and exciting experience. You need to first analyze your exact requirements and also which type of door will help you save time, money or even stress. You have a variety of shower doors to choose from those which are bi fold, folding, sliding or even hinged shower doors.

Hinged on benefits!

The practical hinged shower doors can be put to use to replace the old shower curtains or even frameless or framed sliding doors. With a vast variety of types and designs

of hinged shower doors to choose from, it is only you who can know the exact design that will suit your requirements. Hinged shower doors are perfect for recess areas since any available unused are can be easily and profitably converted into an ideal bathing place. Though these hinged shower doors use similar tracks to the sliding type, it is the hinge at the middle of the pair of glass panels which enable the doors to open in a wider position.

Even the mere existence of hinged shower doors can enhance the intrinsic value of your home. These superbly designed hinged shower doors make a fashion statement for your home. These hinged shower doors have practical significance since they offer easy accessibility when compared to the couple of feet space offered by sliding doors. The hinged shower doors by taking up only four inches leaving an area of nearly forty-four inches. The width of a normal tub is around four feet and hence it is prudent to be able to have maximum accessibility to the shower area. The hinged shower doors enables a wider opening allowing those mobility impaired to have the necessary accessibility and also for normal individuals to have ample space for easy maneuverability.

Two basic models

There are two basic models of hinged shower doors. One model is the framed and the other is a frameless one. The framed models of hinged shower doors have panels surrounded by metal as similar to the traditional sliding doors. While frameless hinged shower doors are devoid of metal around the panels which makes the glass securely seal the closed door. These hinged shower doors are fabricated from anodized aluminum which waterproofs and prevents them from rusting. There are different finishes available for hinged shower doors which include wood tone, brushed aluminum, chrome, nickel and even gold tone. There are the same enclosures for these hinged shower doors with a bar which is magnetized placed inside the door meets a small magnet placed inside the door’s side track on the opposite side on being closed. This enables to keep the hinged shower doors securely closed and also waterproofing the area on the door seal being closed.

There are fabulously innovative options for glass hinged shower doors which include etched, pebbled, smoked, clear or even frosted designs. The varied choices are available at your local retailers and you can get help from professionals since your needs and choices may require you to employ the services of shower door fitters.

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