Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors, as with bathroom décor itself, have really changed over time. What used to be an aluminum frame around some plain glass has morphed into a statement in fashion and elegance. Gone is the wavy piece of plastic with the colorful, if not unrealistic, fish swimming around seemingly in thin air. In its place now are beautiful sliding or hinged glass shower enclosures. Times are changing.

Not just any glass

The glass in today’s glass shower doors is a special breed! Not only can one find just the right ‘finish’ for the glass itself (i.e. completely see-through, frosted or a little bit of both), but the glass itself comes in an extensive selection

of different glass patterns that you can change your shower into your own exclusive oasis of peace and serenity. Regardless of which options you choose for your glass shower doors, you are actually protecting your assets by picking the right enclosure. These come with new glass shower door ultra protective and innovative coatings that meld with the glass to intensify luster and sheen and prevent soap scum, mineral deposits and spotting. Water just beads up and rolls off.

Glass shower doors have more than glass, after all

If there were nothing more than just glass surrounded by some dull old metal frame, what good would fancy glass do you in your glass shower doors? On the contrary, today’s enclosures have a wide-ranging selection of finishes to complement your present fixtures and faucets. Some of the finishes available are wrought iron, almond, white, antique pewter, silver, bronze, satin nickel, brushed bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, gold and brushed copper.

How much glass vs. metal?

With a couple of styles to choose from when it comes to frames for your glass shower doors, it all comes down to just how much glass vs. frame you want. The Infinity style of glass shower doors employs more of a frame than the Thinline version. It’s really as simple as that. More beautiful, spot free glass; less metal. Want to really get that Frank Lloyd Wright feel? Have your glass shower doors’ enclosure walls meet at the corner with no metal frame to obscure your vision. Don’t forget too, that you can choose sliding or hinged, swinging glass shower doors.

Cleanliness is next to what’s on sale

Cleaning methods for your glass shower doors is pretty much up for grabs. There are, of course, many numbers of products out there on the shelves that claim to do the job with their scrubbing bubbles or cleansing action; in fact, the manufacturer of your glass shower doors will probably recommend a specific brand. But there are also a handful of ‘home remedies’ online that will work for a fraction of the price. Let’s face it; you probably spent enough on the glass shower doors to begin with. As with so many things, you will most likely get what you pay for when it comes to glass shower doors. So be sure to research and choose with care.

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