Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors

All thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright for showing us how to have glass meet at the corners without bulky or unsightly frames to get in the way. Though I’m sure that the frameless shower door manufacturers will be more than happy to take credit for this new-age design, Mr. Wright’s House on Falling Water came long before frameless shower doors.

The design of the future

Some of the newer frameless shower door enclosures remind me of some futuristic time travel machine fresh out of a science fiction movie, from once upon a time. They may not be able to take you through extensive time travel, but the new frameless shower door enclosures can give you the

feeling that you are drifting in a tropical sea of calm, serene privacy. It’s almost like there’s nothing around you without the frames there to remind you of where you actually are. These elegant enclosures can surround either a simple shower stall or engulf your tub/shower combination to give your bathroom décor that added extra. Why stop at shiny new fixtures, faucets, fancy sinks and bidets; when you can complete the picture with beautiful frameless shower doors and enclosures?

One step beyond

It used to be that your plain old average and sliding shower door, mounted on the edge of your tub, was the latest and greatest thing in bathroom, tub and shower and innovations. Now of course, we have frameless shower doors. What’s next, do you suppose? Zero gravity shower stalls? Now there’s something to invest in. In the meantime, be sure to research the choices that are available when it comes to frameless shower door manufacturers and installers.

Disaster waiting to happen

And incorrectly installed or poorly manufactured frameless shower door and/or enclosure can spell not only disaster for your living quarters and but for the living quarters of downstairs neighbors (if any) as well. Badly designed corners and edging will be a nightmare on any street, if it’s the one on which you live with your leaky shower. Disaster aside however, from the first steps of measuring the area to be enclosed, to the final steps of installation; your new frameless shower doors and enclosure can be completed in as little as 48 hours. Now that’s progress.

So many choices

Of course there are several glass designs from which to choose for your frameless shower doors. Design names such as coral, storm, crepe, rain (not to be confused with storm), glacier and ice (not to be confused with glacier) are just some of the choices. A few lesser known others go by the names of antique, starfire, grey tinted, bronze tinted and your basic, standard clear glass. How very droll. On the other hand, the basic standard clear frameless glass shower doors are in keeping with the K.I.S.S. way of thinking. Hopefully that needs no explanation. Simplistic can be stylish.

Whatever your choice, whatever your taste; frameless shower doors and enclosures can be as simplistic, futuristic or as stylish as you choose them to be.

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