Custom Shower Doors

Custom Shower Doors

All custom shower doors are tailored to suit an individual’s unique bathroom requirements and the space they need to fit into. Basically, these doors offer a lot of privacy, elegancy and style. To most people, taking a shower after a hard day’s work is the ultimate relaxation formula. With these people, their shower areas are always kept clean, this includes the shower door. Nevertheless, for some, instead of using shower doors, they use shower curtains to provide the needed privacy. However, anyone who uses these shower curtains is aware of how quickly they become grimy and start to age, not to mention how hard it is to clean them. In the end, a lot of time is wasted cleaning them as compared to the time for taking the actual shower. Although a new shower curtain can easily be bought, if the cost of purchasing them on a regular basis is not taken into account, it becomes quite expensive in the long run.

The convenience of custom shower doors

So instead of using those fast wearing shower curtains, it is recommended to switch over to custom shower doors which at least last longer. These doors are often made of glass and have tangible advantages over shower curtains. To start with, they are quite easy to clean (all that is needed is a glass cleaner and instantly, they will look as good as new). Apart from glass, there are other materials, for instance treated wood that can also be to make custom shower doors. They are typically treated so that water doesn’t stain it, rather will just slide off leaving the shower door as clean as before you took your shower. Nonetheless, these doors are quiet expensive, though when you think about it and the time you are going to save, they are worth every cent you spend on them. It is common knowledge that if you person fails to keep the shower curtain dry, the water clinging on them tend to stain the curtain, thus leaving dark streaks that are quite difficult to remove. However with custom shower doors, this is not a concern.

No water on the rest of bathroom space

In addition, shower doors assist keep water out of the rest of the bathroom space. They hem in the shower area so that water remains there and doesn’t splash out. The companies hired to do the door’s installation work takes all the pertinent measurements to ensure the doors fit in no matter its size. The gap between the edges of the curtain and the shower wall is done away with. Instead, an impenetrable solid wall of glass or wood is installed. What this means is that there will be no more puddles of water on the floor after a shower has been taken.

Space saving aspect

An additional benefit of installing custom shower doors is their space saving capability. Ideally, these doors are very suitable for smaller bathrooms.  Shower curtains take up too much space due to their bulkiness. On the other hand, custom shower doors, for instance sliding glass doors takes less space as they only follow the shape of the shower room itself. And due to their translucent nature, they make the room appear larger.

All in all, irrespective of a few drawbacks here and there, once the custom shower doors have been installed, you will have a beautiful looking shower that will remain hassle free for many years to come.

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