Cost of Shower Doors

Cost of Shower Doors

When you ask what is the cost of shower doors, you could also be asking, how long is a piece of string? Therefore there is no specific answer, however it is possible to get a general idea based upon the type of shower door you are looking for and the movement mechanism you decide works be for you. You should budget about CAD $110 for the cost of shower doors if you are looking for a good set of plastic shower doors, whereas you can start at about CAD $160 for glass shower doors.

From CAD $0 to $450 

For $150, you could be the proud owner of a hammered glass 64” x 32” pair of pivot swing shower doors that are professionally finished off with a silver trim. Moving up to $230, you will be able to acquire shower doors in tempered glass to ensure maximum safety and a long

lasting life. The well designed threshold directs water back to the shower base and minimises the build up of soap or limescale. At this price, you should expect a smooth gliding opening and closing mechanism. These shower doors should have the ability to be adjusted to fit exactly into the shower entrance with a width adjustment of approximately 4 inches or 11 cm. 

From CAD $450 to $900

You are now moving into a price range where you can start indulging yourself, the cost of the shower doors in this price bracket allows you to choose eye catching designs, but still at an attractive price. For just over CAD $460, you can buy shower doors from the Dreamline collection or a similar supplier that come with thick 3/8” tempered glass doors, brass wall mounting hinges that are strong and self closing. In the single door configuration, the shower door can be mounted either to open from the left or the right.

At CAD $820, you can choose a stylish set of shower doors that complement a shower installed in a corner, you will need to tile the two angles of the corner and fit your shower base. Once done you can install the two glass sides that can be opened either on the right or the left and come in 3/8” tempered glass. Look out for the quality of the shower door handles, ideally you should be looking for either elegant stainless steel or brass options. The frames are tough but lightweight aluminium should be anodized when you are buying shower doors at this price.

From CAD $900 to $1,450

In this price range, you can really go all out to indulge yourself; there is no need to compromise on the quality of the glass you select for your shower doors. The cost of shower doors that are practically invisible could set you back a cool CAD $1,300 but it will be money well spent. You should expect to be buying 3/8” tempered glass doors that are ANSI Z97.1 certified, the fittings should be of the highest quality in either stainless steel or stainless steel brass coating that just oozes class. At this price, lifetime guarantee is to be expected and delivered!

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