Buy Shower Doors

Buy Shower Doors

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a total makeover, you should start with your shower, more particularly the shower doors. Old and worn out shower doors degrade your bathroom and make a negative statement, so it is time to move on, open your mind and prepare to buy shower doors that make a concrete statement that you are on the road and moving forward.


If you have been planning to replace old, worn out sliding shower doors with the latest technology range of new pivot-type shower doors, you have made a smart initial move, but there is still some basic but important

ground work to do to make sure you buy shower doors that really work for you. If you are going to install the shower doors yourself, you need to make sure you are able to complete the job on your own or with the help of a friend or member of the family. The task is not too onerous, but you need to be prepared to make sure you do a good job. The first important point is buying the right type of shower doors that fit the shower entrance, take careful measurements to ensure you order doors that exactly meet your specified dimensions to avoid needing to make another trip to the home improvement center to get the design just right.

Planning your budget

You may decided to deal with a number of other bathroom improvements at the same time as you are preparing to buy shower doors, perhaps there is the need to replace cracked bathroom tiles or give the bathroom a new coat of paint. Assuming you are going to buy tempered glass shower doors, you should need to set aside about CAD $450 for sliding doors or CAD $750 for pivot doors.

While you may be tempted to install the shower doors that you have purchased, it is worth checking out the possibility of using a professional installation service. Many suppliers offer a discount on the price of the of the shower doors if you decide to use their installation services. There are a number of advantages to take up this offer, not least that you have the certainty of getting the job done by a professional installer while at the same time leaving you free to carry on with your day to day work and other commitments.  

Shower door accessories

You can buy accessories for shower doors easily on the internet; there is a good sense in doing this as the prices are really competitive. Once you have noted the manufacturer of your shower doors, it is possible to check out the best deals from various suppliers that offer compatible accessories and then make your choice. Improved door handles, elegant towel rails and stylish corner fittings are always particularly popular. You may decide to buy some additional bathroom furniture that is of the same look and style as your shower doors too. Pay particular attention to the delivery times the supplier offers and at the same time, check that independent end user reviews to confirm that these suppliers are respected.

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