Bi Folding Shower Doors

Bi Folding Shower Doors

Bi folding shower doors have been specifically designed to be an attractive feature in your bathroom, as well as to be a practical and space saving way to avoid water leakage when you are taking a shower. Selecting an attractive pair of bi folding shower doors can create a really stunning effect, you will be pleased with the positive comments your guests heap on you once they have seen them. Depending on your budget, you can either go for economy shower doors or a more luxury brand. So from as little as CAD $200 upwards, you can find the correct bi folding shower doors to suit your requirements. The great advantage of this design of shower doors is that the space the folding door takes up is minimal, this is naturally very important when the bathroom dimensions are small.

Checking dimensions

Make a note of the dimensions of the door aperture in order to be able to select the right bi folding shower doors for you. Typically, standard models are available from 650mm through to 1200mm. Don’t worry if the dimensions you are looking for are not in your supplier’s standard catalogue, as there are numerous suppliers who will make custom size fitting bi folding shower doors at a reasonable price.

You now need to consider the design you wish to buy, the most simple bi folding shower doors come as a half height unit which extends and retracts to its storage position on a single overhead rail. The door typically will extend down to just above knee height. The bi folding door is fitted to the overhead rail at the centre of the top of each panel, so when retracted the doors will sit half inside the shower cubicle and half outside it. These types of bi folding doors are an excellent solution when the shower unit is integrated with a bath tub. For a standing shower unit, you should opt for full length bi folding doors.

Installation, care and maintenance

Setting up the full length bi folding doors is quite straightforward and only requires a minimum of do-it-yourself skill. You will need to fit the upper and lower running bracket firmly to the shower aperture sides, it makes sense at this point to also inject a water resistant seal to the bottom of the lower runner. Fit the door handles to the bi folding doors and raise the doors into position, at this point ask a friend or family member to assist you by holding the doors in place while you screw in the top holding brackets. Next, carefully position the lower holding brackets and screw these in too, so the bi folding doors are now secure, check that the doors move smoothly from the retracted to open position and that the door side seals fit correctly into place.

For long and satisfactory use of your newly installed bi folding doors, it is a good idea to select a non streak glass for easy maintenance, this is particularly important if you receive hard water supply to your home with a high level of calcium. The doors will need cleaning from time to time, remember to never use an abrasive cleaner and always use a soft cloth to avoid damage.

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