Best Shower Doors

Best Shower Doors

What you could consider to be the best shower doors is very much a subjective decision and does not automatically mean that you have spent the most money in buying the shower doors of your choice. Practical as well as economic features come into play, before you can say that you have bought the best shower doors. You can justifiably argue that buying a pair of plastic roll around doors is your best choice as they cost practically nothing and fitted the tight, small, bathroom dimension that you were challenged with. The same augment could be used for bi folding shower doors and with good reason, inexpensive and practical.

Keeping them clean

This is probably the most important argument in claiming that you bought the best shower doors, you can actually use the latest technology to help you to argue that you bought the best shower doors here, it’s all about the ions! According to experts, ordinary glass shower doors are subject to wear and tear and damage caused by hard water, soap and humidity. Using the ShowerGuard glass system, the improvements are impressive. ShowerGuard offers a totally new type of glass that gains its protection in the manufacturing process. It uses a system of positive ions to make sure that any staining agent, hard water calcium, soap residue or abrasive cleaning material cannot get a grip on the glass. Essentially the glass is sealed and therefore cleaning of the surface is easy with just a damp cloth to wipe away all the annoying stains that make it look less than in the perfect  and returns it to the same shiny condition as when you purchased your shower doors.

Splash the cash

Having decided to make your shower doors the focus of your bathroom and at the same time having decided to get rid of plastic or canvas shower screens, it is the right time to make sure your investment really pays off by making sure you create the best effect for your money. If you have space, invest in luxurious swing doors with gold plated handles, pay attention to have ample towel rails on the outside to hang both your bathrobe and towels for easy access the moment you or your guest steps out of the shower. Another good idea is to have handy storage hooks built into the shower doors to hang a wrist watch or glasses in a place that they will not be forgotten.

At all times, your choice of shower doors will say more about you than cash ever can, consider investing in  a luxury model like the Town Square shower range from American Standard. This is not a cheap option, but comes at the highest quality and is also available in fogged glass. Priced from CAD $1,250 to $1,899, it is more of an investment but will guaranty you a pleasurable experience when you return home from a hard day’s work.

One of the neat options is to install a fold down seat so you can sit in the shower as your tired shoulder blades are being pummeled and massaged by the powerful water jets, while at the same time you admire your excellent shower doors.

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