Bathtub Shower Doors

Bathtub Shower Doors

Do you think today’s bathtub shower door manufacturers still realize the magnitude of accessible ‘walk-in showrooms’? When shopping for things like bathtub shower doors and enclosures, some shoppers and DIY re-decorators want to do more than just stare at a web page. They need not only see but they want to touch the doors and enclosures, slide them back and forth, swing the bathtub shower doors open and shut; and maybe even step inside to see if a feeling of claustrophobia engulfs them. Particularly someone who is unfamiliar with the whole bathtub enclosure concept might really want a hands-on experience. Imagine ordering the whole kit and caboodle online only to find out, the very first time you step inside your new, stylish bathtub shower enclosure and you are immediately thrown into a full blown panic attack due to problems with closed in spaces. Having a bathtub shower door set made of seamless, see through glass may be the answer to such issues, but how will you know if you can’t try it out in person?

Clear is not the only way to go

Bathtub shower doors can come in so many styles and textures, finishes and colors, that you may not be able to pick just one. You could always put in that 2nd full bath you’ve been discussing; now you’ve got the perfect excuse. Glass styles alone are more plentiful than one would imagine. There are bathtub shower doors with frosted finishes from almost total white to nearly see through; tinted glass that is so dark it will remind you of those cars with the tinted windows that are basically dark reflective glass; and basic clear glass which can come with designs and etchings just to shake things up a bit.

But does it have the metal?

Bathtub shower doors, obviously, need hardware. Handles, knobs, towel bars, hinges; all are another way of getting across the fashion statement you want your bathroom décor to make. Polished, solid brass in gold, silver, and bronze colors with antique, shiny or brushed finishes (in several different styles) will look absolutely stunning on your brand new, sparkling, shiny framed or seamless bathtub shower doors and enclosure.

And clean up’s a breeze

Perhaps you are skeptical about it. But it’s true. In fact, it’s very nearly nonexistent. I can see the OCD’ers out there agonizing over all the soap scum and spots already. Never fear. Technology to the rescue! New age bathtub shower door glass materials allow water to simply bead up and slide right off; and the same goes for soap scum. No more scrubbing bubbles, or scrubbing red hands and knuckles, necessary. The sparkle and shine of your luxurious bathtub shower doors is there to stay.

It’s time to throw away the old, stained, moldy, soap scummy, ripped plastic shower curtain with those dopey fish on it. Step into the millennium with a glistening new set of bathtub shower doors. And feel free to take that extra step to indulge in a complete bathtub enclosure (As long as you’re not claustrophobic).

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