Angled Shower Doors

Angled Shower Doors

A new shower can mean a whole new world for some people and even if you have limited room available to install a shower, you can be sure that won’t hold you back. Angled showers are not a new concept but they are pushing the boundaries of popularity as they can be fit into just about any amount of space. Angled shower doors are easy to find and fit; in addition, that small cupboard-like space can be instantly transformed into a cool and elegant shower space that is useful and desirable.

Where can I put an angled shower door?

Basically wherever two walls come together to form an angle, you can put a shower. These are becoming so popular that people are putting them into the corner of their

bedroom. In fact, hotels use this concept too to ensure all rooms have a shower facility. This is a boon when space is at a premium. They look stylish too so you do not need to worry that they are unsightly. They are convenient; in the morning when you get straight out of bed and you can hop straight into the shower.

Shower enclosures

The simple angled shower doors need to cover a small space and usually where walls meet at around 45 degrees is best. You can add a shower panel to the walls inside the shower enclosure. Add a shower pan to the bottom and you are ready to go. Clearly you will have to have already fixed up where the water is going to go otherwise you will have a problem with flooding. The plumbing of a shower is relatively simple and should not pose too many problems. You can even do this yourself but if you feel it is a bit complicated there are many bathroom fitters that will help you out for a fee.

One of the great things about angled shower doors is that you can add a seat to the cubicle area in the shower if you have difficulty standing for any period of time. There is plenty of room with the walls being angled as they are. This has created a whole new world for many who have difficult climbing in and out of a bath. In fact they have dispensed with baths altogether in favor of angled showers.

Customizing angled shower doors

Once you have decided that you can fit an angled shower into a room, you may have to look at customizing the angled shower doors due to the size. This is not a big issue as there are many firms that offer this service. So you can have the doors cut to any size or shape you need. Clearly, it will be a little more expensive than standard size doors, but it is a small price to pay for such an excellent addition to your house, which will of course improve the selling price when you need to sell and move on. Adding value to the house is always a bonus and angled shower doors can enhance any room making a corner stylish as well as functional.



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